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Found Gold



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Sweet Sunny South

John Henry


It Sounds Like Music

     ©1973-2021 Bruce Frye

Play It Cool

You Can't Keep a

   Good Man Down

The Blues Ain't Nothing

   but a Bad Dream

     ©1973-2021 John C. Bowers

Uncle Pen

     by Bill Monroe

Orange Blossom Special

     by Ervin Rouse

All music arranged and adapted by Oganookie

1970’s Live Recordings at

Opal Cliffs Inn and Chateau Liberté,

Santa Cruz, California 


The Plantation, 

Brookdale, California


Town and Country Lodge, 

Ben Lomond, California


Studio Recording at

Pacific Recording, San Mateo, California



Tim Dillenbeck, Alan Goldwater, David Bowers and Sandy Stone

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